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You may not realize this. But reality is not what it seems.

There is an invisible force that determines how we see ourselves and the world. It underlies every single coaching conversation that you will ever have.

This pioneering work has revealed to us our Conscious Operating Systems – the hidden meaning-making system that discloses the world around us.

And when you as a coach learn to work on this level, you can understand your clients in a profound way.

You can truly meet them where they’re at, so they feel truly seen.

You can help them shift their entire worldview.

And you can help them make the changes that they so deeply want to make.

Come and discover a whole new world of possibility, through the art of Developmental Coaching.

Learn how to accelerate human development

This profound work enables you to walk side by side with your client, inviting them to reveal and release the hidden assumptions that limit their potential.

It will empower you to…

  • Free your clients from the restrictive lenses through which they see and interact with the world around them
  • Uncover the invisible meaning-making structures of your clients, so they feel deeply seen and understood
  • Learn how to release your clients from a reactive mindset, and free them to create their life and desires

And it’s not only your clients that will change. You will too.

You see, you can’t not evolve personally as you go through this program. The curriculum will guide you to find your own limits, become aware of your own blinders, and release you from patterns that might be keeping you from making the impact you want to make with your clients.

As a lead-up to the program, we’re offering you four free in-depth videos with the teachers from the program.

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This is a one-of-a-kind program

We created this program because it’s the training we wished we could have taken years ago, but it simply didn’t exist!

Learning developmental theory is one thing. It’s fascinating. Mind-bending. It can seep its way into your life and give you an epiphany every now and then.

But theory is a far cry from practice. Understanding isn’t the same thing as being adept at doing and truly creating change.

We knew an applied training program could be life changing, but there weren’t any online programs out there that taught coaches how to apply the theory to real people with real problems

So we created it!

As is always our commitment at Coaches Rising, we’ve gathered an elite faculty. This group of evolved, highly trained men and women have decades of experience applying the rich models of adult development to their work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders and artists.

They’ve been out there in the world, using this technology to change and free people at the deepest levels.

This course is based primarily on the pioneering work of Harvard Professor Robert Kegan. And we’re delighted to announce that in a very rare appearance, he’s joining the faculty this year to teach his own model. This is an uncommon opportunity to learn from him, as well as fellow pioneer Susanne Cook Greuter.

A Twelve-Week Online Coach Training

The training will run from March 15th until June 7th, and it’s all online, meaning you can join us wherever you are in the world.

Our faculty will lead multiple, content rich, live and interactive video workshops. Under their personal guidance you’ll learn how to use this very sophisticated and powerful approach to coaching.

Along the way there’ll be coaching demos, guided practices, case studies and multiple workbooks to deepen your learning.

The course registration will open Feb 27th, but we wanted to show you the power of this approach in a series of free videos featuring the course teachers.

Just add your details in the box below and we’ll send you all the free videos (and you’ll be first to know when registration opens too).

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Be the first to know when registration opens, and get all the free videos featuring our course teachers, straight to your email inbox.