There is something mysterious at the heart of coaching.

Hidden beneath our words and actions is an invisible aspect of consciousness that determines how we see the world, ourselves, and what is possible. It’s the structure that holds our clients back from profound change, and it’s what sits beneath their frustration when their goals seem unreachable.

It underlies every single aspect of the coaching encounter.

Just as the eye cannot see itself, your clients cannot see the window frame through which they observe the landscape of their lives, the stories they are living in. And because of this invisibility, the stories your clients tell themselves exert tremendous control over them – keeping them from seeing ways out of their dilemmas, blocking the way forward toward their dreams and aspirations.

But what if you could make the invisible visible? What if you could illuminate what’s really going on for your clients?

What if you could know – intimately – the very process at the centre of human change?

Because coaching can change someone’s life. And, human beings are so wonderfully complex that the changes we seek to help them make don’t always work.

What if you could grasp why a coaching intervention creates a profound shift in one client, and falls flat with another? Why the way you work with someone meets a simple goal one day, and truly transforms their world another?

What if you could understand the transformational mechanics beneath coaching itself?

There is a body of work and wisdom, drawing upon decades of research that can answer these questions. A rigorous map that shows how human beings actually grow and develop over their lifetime.

And we have created the world’s first online course to teach this methodology to coaches, featuring the field’s foremost practitioners and pioneers.

We invite you to join us, and enroll in the Art of Developmental Coaching.

How this program will change your coaching

The Art of Developmental Coaching is a 12-week online coach training.

It’s designed to equip you with tools and maps to help your clients go beneath the surface of their goals and frustrations, into the domain of deep change.

It will help you make the invisible visible, showing your clients the developmental pathway that leads away from their dilemmas and frustrations, toward the deep changes that truly matter to them.

This is a truly transformative approach that will enable you to…

  • Free your clients from the restrictive lenses through which they see and interact with the world around them
  • Uncover the invisible meaning-making structures of your clients, so they feel deeply seen and understood
  • Learn how to release your clients from a reactive mindset, and free them to create their life and desires

And it’s not only your clients that will change. You will too.

You see, you can’t not evolve personally as you go through this program. The curriculum will guide you to find your own limits, become aware of your own blinders, and release you from patterns that might be keeping you from making the impact you want to make with your clients.

You’ll learn from some of the world’s experts on change and the human condition – men and women who have a rich and sophisticated command of the theory, yet who have dedicated themselves to the skillful application of this work as coaches, consultants and leaders.

Together they will teach you the magic art of human change.


We’ve created an integrated journey into the depth of development

We’ve spent months collaborating closely with the faculty to create the course as a developmental journey in itself. An integrated arc that teaches you how to coach from a developmental understanding.

The learning arc of the program occurs in 3 modules that build on one another to deepen your understanding and capacity for applying developmental coaching with your own clients. Each module consists of 4 sessions.

Module 1

The Developmental Landscape

With Robert Kegan & Jennifer Garvey Berger


In the first phase of the journey, Robert Kegan and Jennifer Garvey Berger will introduce you to the terrain of adult development. You will examine the different stages of the growth arc that are possible for you and your clients, as well as the implications of this understanding for what it means to coach developmentally.

  • Learn about the three most common developmental stages growth and how you can listen to your clients in ways that reveal how they make sense of the world.
  • Discover how to listen for deep structure rather than content, giving you the keys to deep developmental change in your clients.
  • Learn how to identify and engage your client’s personal growth edge freeing them to expand into more full versions of themselves.

Module 2

The Dynamics of Change

with Doug Silsbee

In the second part of the program, Doug Silsbee will take you deeply into the core process that enables true development and transformation: the subject-object move. He will do this through his new breakthrough model, which includes the full somatic and cognitive dimensions of human beings.

  • Understand how to practice the core process at the heart of developmental transformation, helping your clients see the hidden ways they create the world around them.
  • Learn how to infuse everyday activities like seeing, being and acting with presence and awareness, so that they become catalysts for development.
  • Discover how to integrate the soma/body and the bigger contexts we are a part of in your awareness and coaching.

Module 3

Creating Leaps in Consciousness

with Bob Anderson & Rob McNamara

In the final module, Bob Anderson and Rob McNamara you will focus in on how you can effectively and compassionately support development at and between specific stages of consciousness.

  • Understand the two key shifts that the vast majority of your clients make developmentally, allowing you to appropriately guide them in their particular growth needs.
  • Explore the most common transition that our clients seek out our help for: the shift from fitting in to the rules around us, to standing up for our own values.
  • Discover how our focus on achievement can actually obstruct growth and development, allowing you to guide yourself and your clients into truly unique expressions of authenticity.



We’re proud that all our programs meet the high standards of the International Coach Federation. And so by completing this program and joining the interactive sessions you can gain 21 CCEU’s.

And for the first time for this training, you are not required to attend live to receive the CCEUs. If you can’t attend live because of your geographical location or busy schedule, you can also simply listen to the recording and fill out an online form to demonstrate your learning from the session.

The applied nature of the course is reflected by the fact that the ICF has allocated all those CCEU’s to be for Core Competencies.

What are CCEU’s you may ask? Well, it stands for Continued Coaching Education Units.

If you’ve been accredited as a professional coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) then every year you need to accrue enough CCEU’s to maintain your status.

But if you’re not registered as a professional coach by the ICF (or even never heard of them) fear not. You can still enjoy full participation in the program.


What people say about our training programs…

The course has fundamentally changed the way I think about myself, my clients and other people in my life! I feel as if I’ve been given yet another key to understanding the human condition. What a great gift!

Jeanne Lebens

I have tried so many of the exercises, applications and questions. The impact has been direct and immediate. The way it has expanded my repertoire and toolbox is really exciting.

Ron Martoia

This course has fundamentally shifted the way I look at my work with clients and in my daily interactions. Transformative learning. The kind that results in seeing new possibilities in being, thinking and doing. Very special.

Linda Beitz

This course helped me put everything together in a way that has profoundly shifted not only my coaching, but my very definition of what I do and how I do it. It felt as if a lot of different parts and pieces that I was trying to make sense of came together. For that, I am hugely grateful.

Ronni Hendel

Adult development is so profound and at the same time subtle. I think I finally GOT it in this course. And I’ll be playing with the tools for years to come.

Linda Bidlack


What you will learn by attending this program


Live bonus classes:



What the experts are saying about Coaches Rising…

“Coaches Rising continue to provide deep service to the coaching community. Heartfelt and authentic themselves, their offerings include some of the most influential contributors towards human change and development on the planet. I am grateful for all that they do towards a better world.”

Doug Silsbee Presence Based Coaching

“I very much admire the consistently rich learning opportunities provided by Coaches Rising!”

Robert Kegan Co-Author of Immunity to Change

“Coaches Rising brings some of the best thinkers and practitioners of the day to their work with coaches. I deeply appreciate their contribution to make “shift happen” in our world. I highly recommend that coaches the world over make use of their wonderful resources.”

David Emerald Author of Power of Ted

“Coaches Rising offer a rich and extraordinary holding environment for individuals who want to make a difference in the world. Their energies, spirits and bold aspirations are a magnet for bringing together a formidable cast of expert transformation practitioners who offer a bounty of food for our hearts, minds and souls.”

Lisa Lahey Co-Author of Immunity to Change


What you will get during the course….

12 Live Video Classes with our Core Faculty

In twelve 90 minute video classes these developmental coaches will share key principles, core practices, interactive exercises and coaching demos to help you grow your skills as a coach and boost your effectiveness in working with the full spectrum of your client’s potential.

There will be ample opportunity to share your experience, do paired work, volunteer to be coached and interact with these master coaches.

2 Live Bonus Sessions

Susanne Cook-Greuter and Deborah Helsing will share their wisdom and expertise in our bonus sessions. You’ll get the chance to ask them your burning questions to help you deepen your understanding of their work and how to apply it with your clients.

3 Integration Workbooks

During the program you will receive 3 in-depth workbooks to help you integrate and deepen what you learn in the live sessions into a deeper layer of understanding and application.

14 Full Transcripts of the Sessions

As well as multiple handouts and materials that you will be given by the faculty, each session will be fully transcribed, allowing you to easily go back and revisit the learning any time you like.

21 CCEUs Available

All our programs meet the high standards of the International Coach Federation. By attending the sessions of this summit you can gain up to 21 CCEU’s, all of which are for Core Competencies.

All Course Materials Fully Downloadable

Everything can be downloaded to your phone, MP3 player or computer. If you miss a session or want to go back and listen again, you can access the recordings, whenever you want.


Your role as a coach can change people’s lives. And in this program we’ll teach you the very foundations of that mechanism of change.

It’s more than simply helping them reach their goals. It’s more than simply increasing their effectiveness. It’s about helping them reveal the hidden structures that create their entire lives, so they can transcend them.

When you as a coach learn to work on this level, you can understand and help your clients in a new and profound way.

You can truly meet them where they’re at, so they feel deeply seen.

You can help them shift their entire worldview.

And you can help them make the changes that they so deeply want to make.

Come and discover a whole new world of possibility, through the Art of Developmental Coaching.

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