How language creates your client’s world

With: Susanne Cook-Greuter

Susanne Cook-Greuter is a Harvard developmental psychologist whose pioneering research in ego development, explored and elucidated the advanced stages of consciousness. She the principal of consulting firm Cook-Greuter & Associates, and is also a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute.

What I love about Susanne’s work is that she’s added some considerable depth to the later stages of development. And one fundamental way we can begin to catalyse our own growth is by learning about the capacities of these later stages.

She is such a rich mine of information, and her delightfully authentic and playful approach brings lightness to what can otherwise be a somewhat dense topic.

In this conversation you’ll learn:

  • How to understand the meaning-making systems of your clients, allowing to meet them in their own world
  • How higher levels of development enable an increased capacity for self-understanding allowing you to co-create high-impact coaching with your client
  • How you can invite your clients into a developmental relationship, supporting and challenging them in skillfully appropriate ways

You can find the paper I references at the beginning of the conversation here.

And the article showing the arc of ego development mentioned later here.

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