Moving Beyond the Gold Standard of Human Development

With: Rob McNamara

Rob McNamara is an author, leadership coach and human performance expert. He works with executives, entrepreneurs and leaders achieve excellence and elegance in their personal and professional aspirations.

One of the most important things we talked about was the fact that there is a small but significant segment of the population who are making a developmental transition that is not well supported by society. And the conventional advice and guidance that we give to clients doesn’t work for these people.

So as coaches it’s really important we learn about this very specific transition and what someone in the midst of it needs to grow. Rob shares some of the contours of this transition and how he supports people making it.

Rob also talks about…

  • How your desire to develop and grow may become the very thing that gets in the way of you developing further
  • The profound shift that many people are ready for, that goes beyond what society sees as the pinnacle of human maturity
  • How we can allow exquisite aliveness to arise as we grow beyond our need to perfect ourselves, freeing us to transform in every moment

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3 responses to “Moving Beyond the Gold Standard of Human Development”

  1. Ewan says:

    “I can challenge you support you in whole different ways when your approval doesn’t make up my sense of well being.”

    Profound. This is my edge 🙂

  2. I’m glad I listened in on this elegant and expansive discussion of the self and its full potential. I’m retaining the emphasis on how critical it is to nurture our own self-development – the challenges, gifts and pain points of doing that. This sparked a ton of internal questions which I sense Rob’s workshops would address.

  3. Chris says:

    I’m really eager to learn how we can work/integrate this with different “types” within a level of development… e.g. you have a highly sensitive self authoring INFJ coaching a an ESTJ at the same level… what kind of differences and commonalities and so on can we expect to navigate within and across developmental dispositions relative to type in this coaching work?

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