Overcoming Your Immunity to Change

With: Deborah Helsing

Deborah Helsing is a coach, author, researcher and co-director at Minds at Work where she works with Robert Kegan. She is on the faculty at Harvard University where she teaches courses in Adult Development, Immunity to Change, and personal mastery for leaders.

This recording is a full length class that Deborah taught during last year’s Art of Developmental Coaching program. It will teach you the incredible powerful ‘Immunity to Change’ process developed by Robert Kegan.

*Note: It’s audio only (unlike this year’s classes that will all be video)

The Immunity-to-Change process is designed to help you understand why certain changes you try to make don’t succeed! Just as our physical immune system is designed to protect us from threats, our psychological immune system works the same way.

And so sometimes, we try and change something in our lives, but the hidden system in our minds has other ideas!

During this class recording, Deborah will take you through the process and enable you to…

  • Understand why we naturally immunize ourselves against changes that our conscious minds want to make.
  • Explore your own hidden commitments and assumptions that will compete with the changes you try to create.
  • Practice specific exercises designed to help us overturn our immunity to change and seize the opportunity to further our own development.


Deborah refers to this handout during this teaching session so we recommend that you have it handy! Download the handout PDF

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