Uncovering the Principles of Deep Change

With: Jennifer Garvey Berger

Jennifer Garvey Berger is a writer, researcher and coach who works with leaders and teams seeking personal and organizational transformation. Her “Growth Edge Coaching Approach”, which is unpacked in her book “Changing on the job: Developing leaders for a complex world”, is centred around helping clients find their developmental edge and lean into it.

This video will help you understand the principles of deep human change in a coaching relationship. Jennifer’s work, and the topic of this whole training program, is based on Adult Development Theory (a dull name for a very exciting topic!)

When we apply this approach to your own coaching, it can unleash quite amazing results for our clients. (I’ve seen it first-hand!)

Jennifer has this wonderful ability to marry complex theories with grounded examples from her own coaching. And this video features many of those evocative examples. I really hope you enjoy it.

Among many other topics, Jennifer talks about…

  • How an understanding of the developmental arc of human growth opens up our coaching to profound new possibilities
  • Why your ability to tune into a client’s “sense-making system” is fundamental to helping them make the meaningful change they hire you for
  • The specific coaching moves that Jennifer uses to reveal her client’s hidden assumptions and blocks

About the Art of Developmental Coaching

These free videos with our faculty should give you a rich taste of a developmental approach to coaching. If you’d like to go deeper, our 12-week online program will run from March 15th until June 7th.

Our core faculty (featured in these videos) will lead multiple, content rich, live and interactive sessions. Under their personal guidance you’ll learn how to use this very sophisticated and powerful approach to coaching.

Along the way there’ll be coaching demo’s, guided practices, case studies and multiple workbooks to deepen your learning.

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3 responses to “Uncovering the Principles of Deep Change”

  1. Mel Szarek says:

    Great interview with Jennifer Garvey Berger! There was a lot of learning for me in just this video. Without becoming an “A D junkie,” I think that I have grown as a coach over the years and have begun coaching with a developmental framework. That seems to have grown in me more intuitively than academically. Listening to Joel and Jennifer’s conversation I feel I have been on a good track with my clients. And, I also think this program for 2017 will help ground and expand my versatility and effectiveness as a coach. I just need to figure out funding my participation.

    Thanks for this video. It is generous of you to offer videos/audios free of charge.

    Also, some feedback on the website…I have not been able to find where the cost info and the registration link are. I’m sure it’s there it just seems a little hard to locate.

    Mel Szarek 02/21/2017

  2. Ewan says:

    I love the examples that Jennifer gives – it brings the model alive in a really graspable way.

    It reminds me of Einstein’s quote: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” And when I as a coach can help my clients look at their challenges from a NEW world-view, the challenges themselves dissolve.

  3. As a body worker who does a form of deep listening with students and clients, I was really impressed with the seamless fit between Jennifer’s body language and gestural range and the concepts she was elucidating verbally: a beautiful and inspiring example of a deeply embodied clarity and compassionate understanding unpacking and unfolding the knotty places where we lose our way. She truly ‘held’ my attention. A mini master class. Thank you Jennifer and Joel!

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